Time is Money

9 September 2016 to 16 October 2016

Presented by: Intersections Art gallery

Category: Art



ime is money’ is an exhibition of drawings on paper. This title is a well known proverb, which means that we should not waste time because we could be using it to earn money.


For this show the artist, took this proverb as a departure point to question the value of time and the value of art and recorded as precisely as possible the time spent to create each of the drawings of the series presented.


Feature section img 2-Time is Money

Beyond this straight forward approach, this exhibition raises many questions:

Can we measure the value of our time by its opportunity cost like economic theory teaches us? Does it mean that the time spent for learning or for dreaming, for volunteering or for healing, for leisure and pleasure is a waste of time? Can we measure the value of an art piece by the time spent by an artist to create it? How do we measure the time involved in the creation process?


Philosophers and scientists have struggled to define time, while many artists have challenged themselves to represent time. This universal topic has a personal dimension for MaDame who decided to become a full time artist after a life changing event.


In this exhibition MaDame strives to formulate her own answer, which is both conceptual and aesthetic.


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