Archives of the Discarded

19 October 2016 to 2 November 2016

Presented by: Intersections

Category: Art


This exhibition is a group show by four artists, Hélène Le Chatelier (France), Kavita Issar Batra (India-UK), Pang (Singapore) and Sharis Garabedian (Armenia).


The works of these four artists all share a common focus on the ephemeral nature of life and strive to record the passage of time through the observation of everyday mundane objects. Hélène’s black and white photo series, titled “The Book of Erosions” represents a book of zoology ravaged by humidity.


Pang uses a different angle by recording the departure and the disapperance. Titled “Nobody, his photo series mainly represents empy streets in megalopolis.


Kavita’s “Queen of Sheba- The Singapore Sidewalk” photo series gives a new life to flowers, leaves, tree bark fragments and seeds that are dying or already dead on the sidewalk.


“Abandoned Landscapes”, by Sharis Garabedian, is a series of photos which make sublime discarded elements, such as metallic automotive parts, found in the bareness of the Armenian countryside.


Beyond the beauty of their images, the artist strives to remind us that death is the end of all human journeys. The aesthetics of the discarded obliquely epitomize the essence of humanity.


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